It’s time to look fabulous–

It’s Fashion Week in New York and every designer and manufacturer of women’s’ clothing is jumping through hoops to get you to buy the latest, newest, and sometimes most expensive things they can offer.  This is not because they know you or love you, but because they can make you feel like you must have whatever it is they deem important this year, or you will be a bumpkin or boring or , heaven forbid, out of the loop.

Fashion is not about making you into something–it should be about enhancing what you already are.  We all have ideas about how we like to look or what makes us feel good or pretty or comfortable in our skin.  At the Closet Exchange, we don’t try to sell you things you don’t need or want.  We never lie.  We want to help you achieve the look or style you want by affirming your ideas, and making available the items you need or want.

Three stores, all on one street–over 200 new items each day!  We make shopping fun.

You really can be best dressed for less–come and see us.  We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Take care.  You are fabulous!  Brenda and Maggie