Day 5. Brenda’s closet.

Hi Beauties.  Ready to throw myself off a roof….hate being sick. So boring.  I am out of different house clothes.  I even looked in my sweetie’s stuff, but he doesn’t have soft things. Back to black pants and black sweater. Sigh. Maybe I’ll try out different red lipsticks…although nothing works on a sick face.

Let’s talk a little more about closets.  The best thing you can do to simplify your life is to clean out the closet. This could be divided into a project for a few days, or if you just want to move ahead, one day. Yes, you should try on everything. Dress accordingly. Leggings or tights, bra and camisole. This gives you a blank canvas, and you don”t have to address bumps and edges.

I usually start with bottoms. One at a time…ones you hate, throw in a donate pile. Ones that work go off  to the side, maybe even hang up. Ones that need work require a decision. To alter, mend or iron- or donate. Just do it.  If they don’t fit, there is another decision to be made. Are you going to fit them in this year, this month or even this life? Be honest.  If you think not, then get rid of them.  The goal is to have things in your closet that work for you now…no stress or question.  This is a good place to stop if you’re running out of patience. Tackle tops another day, when you have time.

If you want to go on, then start on tops. I usually keep on a pair of pants that I like, just to get a better idea of how things look. The trick is to play while you’re doing this. You can mix layers…a blouse over a tank, a tank over a blouse–totally changes it! Try your jackets over tunics for a change, or with a blouse instead of a tank. Just get rid of things that don’t work.

We’ll talk some more tomorrow…it’s a complicated, but worthwhile project…honest.  Off to bed for a bit.

Take your vitamins. Take care, Brenda