Citizens of Humanity, Seven, Paige Premium, J Brand

Jeans, jeans, jeans–so many brands!  It seems there is a new jean every week–hard to keep up. There is no one specific style these days.  That’s great–it means you can wear what flatters your shape the most–and what works with your life style!  Gap and Levi’s both make a wide assortment of styles at a reasonable price.  Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ) have a higher rise which is nice for keeping your edges tucked in a bit, and a good amount of spandex.  They smooth you out!   Genetic’s skinny jeans aren’t as skinny as tights, so it’s a more flattering look.  J Brand makes many great styles–all good, and Paige Premium has wonderful fabric!

If you’re curvy–Levi’s Curve ID collection is made for you.  Try the Bold and Supreme cut.  Also, a newer brand called Rue de Jeans, has an elastic insert in the waist band–no more muffin top!

The Wall Street Journal just ran an article on the actual cost of manufacturing jeans–it was an eye opener!  It seem that the average cost to make a pair of high end jeans is $56.00.  It wholesales to the retail store for about 150.00(!) and sells to the consumer at about $310.00!!!  Do you still want to pay full price?

Our jeans start at about $20.00 and go to about $52.00—and we carry every label!  Consigned jeans are a great buy and they’re already broken in!  You can be best dressed for less!

Take care.  Enjoy the day!  Brenda and Maggie