Brenda’s closet. Day 49.

Okay, let’s talk about this for a minute. Weight. The word itself makes us uncomfortable.  The cover of every magazine on the stands has some sort of weight loss idea—every single one!  It used to happen on occasion, like when swimsuit season (ugh) was coming, or before the holidays. Now it’s all the time.  Do you think it’s possible to obsess yourself into gaining weight?  I do.

What’s on TV? An exercise program to buy, followed by a commercial for McDonald’s, followed by a commercial for an exercise machine, followed by an ad for Dove chocolates, followed by an ad for Zumba, followed by an ad for potato chips….really?  Yes, as a nation, over half of us are overweight.  Why do we think more is better?  Supersize it !!!  Who is responsible for this trend?  I am frightened.

I find that as soon as I think of having to diet, I start thinking about food…what to get rid of at home, maybe what to eat before I begin, because now I’m craving everything.  Then comes the ever-present thought of what I can eat, where and when to get it , how to prepare it.  It seems like all we do once the process starts, is think about food. Help.  Then, when to start…after the weekend,  after your cold is gone, before your vacation, or after your vacation, on the fifth Saturday of the tenth month, or on the next full moon? Absolutely insane.

I think that we have finally created the ultimate love/hate relationship.  Unfortunately, it is with the one thing that should be effortless and as essential as sleep. Food…sustenance…the bread of life.  Oh, I’m sorry, no carbs.

I have to go have a bite of something.  Your pal, Brenda